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Don't take it from me without hearing from some of my happy customers.

Customer Testimonials

Gary Lavoie at FOOTWORKS in Attleboro has given this area of Massachusetts a super and deeper appreciation of how his knowledge ,understanding, and application of foot anatomy and his using that information to improve or correct problems with footwear that have defied old and outdated remedies.

His total awareness of footwear from specialty manufacturers allows him to see cause and effect and with use his diagnostic skills to advise a choice of footwear and make needed adjustments in his large and well equipped work shop.

Gary takes pride in his work and enjoys hearing the results of his suggestion of footwear and personal adjustments in the treatment of simple and complex foot problems

Fiore R. Rullo, M.D.
Attleboro, Massachusetts

I have spent a lot of time seeing several pedorthic experts who failed to solve my painful diabetic foot problems. Many years ago I found Footworks in Attleboro, a bustling shop, crammed with the latest in high tech foot-ware and shoe repair machinery. The owner-craftsman, Gary Lavoie, uses his expertise and experience to find the solution to your specific foot problems. With a staff that is always friendly and helpful, Gary is known as the Guru of foot care. Footworks has my utmost confidence, I recommend them highly.

Bill Rice, Seekonk

My FEET love Gary Lavoie & FOOTWORKS!!
I walk into his shop with sore feet and walk out with HAPPY feet!
I trust his judgement and expertise
I love his humor and friendliness
We are so fortunate to have someone of his caliber, right here in Attleboro
-Irene Frechette

My first experience at Footworks in Attleboro was about 10 years ago. I am the mother of two boys (now men) that have significant special needs. They both needed orthotics and someone told me about Footworks. So off I went with my boys. The minute I walked in the door Gary greeted us with open arms and a warm heart. What struck me first was the way he spoke to the boys (who are non-verbal ). He gave them one on one attention explaining what he does and how he was going to make a mold of their feet. His knowledge of his trade is amazing, no one does what he does with such personality and attention!
A bit about his selection of shoes and boots. He carries some very unique and well made, comfortable shoes and the best part is that they look great!
He puts his heart into his business for sure!

Gary Lavoie at Footworks is great at helping people with problem feet needing special footware. I have had orthotics from various podiatrists, none of which even come close to what Gary makes. His workmanship, careful adjustments, and design are the most effective I have ever owned. Gary’s knowledge of what shoes are best for each person’s foot is extensive, and he does not hesitate to effectively modify shoes whenever needed. Bottom line Gary is a significant part of why I am still able to walk; to me he is an orthotics genius. Thanks Gary!

Richard S Shirley

I just wanted to send along a word of thanks for taking such good care of my family and I. When I came to see you over 5 years ago I was suffering from sever foot pain specifically in my toes. I had just had corrective surgery to straighten 3 of my toes and needed to get set up with kitchen shoes that I could wear comfortably being on my feet for over 12 hours a day working as a Professional chef in Providence. You took the time to really find out all about me and my areas of concern that I didn't even know I had. You fit me with a great pair of shoes, insoles, and even custom fitted them with slip resistant soles that performed well in the kitchen. You have since fitted me for custom orthotics and I am very confident they will help me even more. I am very conservative when it comes to spending money, and you have put me at ease knowing that you are always going to steer me in the right direction. When I spend my money at Footworks I know it is money well spent. Since becoming a customer I have recommended Footworks to countless people including my Mom and Dad, Wife and daughter, and friends and coworkers.

Thank you for all that you do!
Steve Long

Last fall I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis which also spurred inner leg pain up to my knee. Upon receiving this diagnoses, my podiatrist, Lindsay Johnson suggested I visit Gary Lavoie at Footworks. She explained that he would be able to help me because he is a Pedorthic Specialist.

Upon meeting Gary, we discussed my issues in detail. He measured my feet, watched my gait, examined the wear on my shoes and sneakers to determine pressure points. He explained that my issues were due to extremely high arches needing more support as I get older.

Within a short time, he was able to produce a custom made orthopedic insert for my shoes. He told me to wear them as much as possible. Within 10 days, my leg pain went away completely and my Plantar Fasciitis subsided significantly. He also suggested compression socks which enable me to walk for longer periods of time. They feel great!

Footworks also sells a variety of shoes specifically made for orthopedic issues. A knowledgable staff are available to assist in choosing styles and sizes to fit your needs.

I highly recommend Footworks to everyone.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the many services they provide.
Marianne ​ Redmond​

As a respiratory therapist, I'm on my feet for 8-12 hours at a time, often having to race to emergent situations at different locations in the hospital. Seven years ago, I came limping into Footworks hoping for a foot pad or anything else just to get me through my next shift. What Gary did for me was amazing. Right on the spot, Gary did an evaluation of my foot, put me into an orthotic and placed me into an appropriate shoe tailored to my professional demands. I found instantaneous relief and have been going to him ever since for all of my foot needs. In fact, I've sent several of my colleagues to Gary and they in turn have sent family members and friends to him with complete satisfaction. Gary will do a full evaluation on your needs and explain your problem in easy to understand terminology using models and illustrations. I highly suggest Gary and the staff at Footworks to address your foot pain, so they can in return bring relief to you as well.
Sincerely, Scott Carling RRT.

“I am a resident of North Attleboro and have had the pleasure of visiting Footworks in Attleboro a number of times over the past 7 or so years. Each time I go there, I’m greeted by a super friendly Associate who takes the time to find out exactly what I am looking for and the nature of my footwear needs. She assists with me as I try on any number of shoes and/or sandals, and is very knowledgeable about the products. The associates over the years have changed, but the quality of service remains the same. The personalized, friendly and efficient service and the high quality inventory keeps me coming back!

I highly recommend Footworks for anyone who has special footwear needs, because between the great service and high quality orthotic selections as well as the opportunity for customization for any product makes Footwoorks a rare jewel for those of us with foot issues.”

Denise Roberge

My family and I have been customers of Gary Lavoie, owner of FOOTWORKS in Attleboro MA for several years. We’ve come to FOOTWORKS for footwear purchases, for shoe repairs and for special services because of an orthopedic condition I have. Gary has a great collection of high quality, fashionable footwear. The FOOTWORKS team provide top quality products and service, all done in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. We count on them to provide a high level of expertise in fitting shoes and in dealing with specialized services for orthopedic/medical conditions. I have had two pairs of prescription orthotics made by Gary. He has extensive experience in fitting and adjusting shoes as well as making orthotics so he can provide an integrated approach to my needs that most orthotic providers cannot.

High value, quality products for a fair price and friendly knowledgeable service – you can’t beat FOOTWORKS.

Ed Hermenau - North Attleboro
Happy owner of several pairs of Footworks shoes

I finally get to write my “thank you” for helping me with my leg-hip-back-neck-foot-pain-problem.
I can’t thank you enough for improving my overall-well-being … by building a proper right shoe lift to compensate the height
discrepancy in my legs … and designing fitting orthotics !!!
I am sure you’ve heard it often enough but you really are the only one that knows how to correctly build up shoes
for people like me that have one leg shorter than the other and the problems it causes for the body!

Over the years I have been treated by some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world, trying to help me with
my back and hip problems and the resulting chronic pain, mostly in my lower back. I developed a limp and a twist in my back curvature, despite a lift on my right shoe.
So, when I finally was introduced to Gary I was very impressed by the quality of his shoe lifts.
If you can’t walk well, the rest of your body is off balance and in pain. Gary suggested to increase my shoe lift to 2.5 inches,
the height difference needed, I had a hard time to accept it, because it was so much more than I was used to. I had a tough time
accepting that my leg had become that much shorter — but what a difference it made!
I can walk better, I can sit more comfortable, especially when I am driving, and even sitting at my sewing table and doing what I love, quilting, has become easier for me because I am more balanced and less twisted in my spinal alignment.
Everyone tells me that I am actually walking much better now !!!
I have to admit that it was difficult at first to accept that I needed of a lift on my right shoe, but I don’t even notice
it any more. Gary builds up the shoe in various steps with the correct placement of the front roll for a smooth and even walking motion.
And the best part is that he finishes the lift by painting it to look just like the other shoe!
Furthermore, Gary also makes orthotics to fit in any shoe you want to by making a copy of your foot(feet), which he can
always refer back to. He started me with a very close fitting and stiff kind of orthotic for my new black walking shoes that I
purchased from Footworks.
It is unbelievable the difference it made in my life since walking in proper fitting shoes with the proper height adjustment and well
fitting orthotics !!!

Thank you again, Gary, for helping me with my feet and back-pain.

Renate Parisek

I was in a bad motorcycle accident 20 years ago that broke my tibia and left me with the ongoing conditions of a misaligned gate and a morton's neuroma in my left foot. I had visited some podiatrists but they gave me ugly shoes and slippery half-sole orthodics that didn't solve the problems that I faced. When I visited Gary, he interviewed me, reviewed my shoe collection, watched me walk, took an imprint of my foot, and made a custom orthodic that relieved my symptoms. He also sold me a pair of Alden shoes that support my feet and look great. I personally appreciate his work and recommend him to anyone who wants help with their feet.
-Tim Thorp, North Providence

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